Gostilna Samo is located near the center of Koper, to be more precise, Vanganelska cesta 2, in the vicinity of Vinakoper. The restaurant setting is an old house with an interesting architecture and a rustic and homely interior that makes you feel at home.

Gostilna Samo holds up to 250 people. We have three separate rooms that hold 150, 33 and 12 people. During the warm season we also serve food on the summer terrace that can accept an extra 100 guests.
The restaurant gets: business meetings and events, celebrations of special occasions, birthdays, weddings, golden anniversaries, romantic dinners and business and social gatherings etc.




Gostilna Samo service provides high quality food and drink service to guests.

1. Great food

Dishes are prepared according to old recipes carefully stored and crop Slovenian.

We will serve you with excellent Slovenian wines and homemade desserts.

Seating in the restaurant can be frequent up to 250 people inside and up to 100 people in the shady garden.

2. Excellent service

Our service is prestigious, professional and competent, there is indeed a great collaboration of our cooks and waiters.

Free parking for guests of our restaurant provide 20 free parking spaces.

The possibility of free parking for buses arranged in advance.



Some photos of Gostina Samo